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Take & Bake Pizza!

First in Orleans!

Introducing our new TAKE AND BAKE pizza!

Why should you order a take and bake?

Well, there are plenty of reasons:
-They're perfect when you're glued to your TV screen watching a major sporting event, and want to enjoy pizza with as little effort as possible. You can just pop your take-and-bake into a 425° oven and have a fresh, hot pie ready to eat by halftime!
-You can take your favorite pizza with you to your cottage!
-Bring it with you while visiting a friend!
-You can enjoy a nice hot crispy pizza fresh out of the oven!
-On a romantic evening- impress your significant other with a delicious pizza you baked ;)
-Choose your favorite pizza and it would be made on the spot like any other cooked pizza
-In addition to our specials and bonus points, It's tax free too!

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