Deep dish.png

We're so excited to start serving Deep dish pizza as of March 8th!


This pizza will be available for a limited time, and Because it's a different line of item, it requires us to limit the days and times we serve it. This piece of art takes longer to make, and more than double the time to cook.  


It will be available Monday to Wednesday only from 3 until 8. 


Because it's cheesy (we mean really cheesy) we recommend toppings to be as little as possible or as simple as sauce and cheese. 


Please allow at least 35 minutes to pick it up since it takes about 25 minutes in the oven. 


We hope you enjoy it and it brings you a taste of Chicago!

Available in 13", cheese and sauce for $19.95.

Extra toppings for $1.95.

We recommend, Italian sausage, Green peppers, and Onions.

Specials and offers don't apply to deep dish pizza.